Frequently Asked Questions

{"en":"iChore is an online two-sided marketplace platform that connects people who need help with various chores with people who do chores, “Chorers”, in their geographical area. If you need help with cleaning, moving, laundry work, shopping, pet walking or any other chore, iChore makes it easy by connecting you with reliable Chorers."}

{"en":"Simply go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for iChore. When you find iChore then you download it to your phone."}

{"en":"Yes, there are two iChore apps. The iChore app is for customers looking for people to perform their chores while the iChore – Chorers app is for those who want to make money from doing the chores for customers."}

{"en":"Once you download the iChore or iChore-Chorer app, you can create an account as a Customer or Chorer. When you are registered as a Customer, you can book any chore from our list of chores and interested Chorers within your location will then accept. As a registered Chorer, you choose the chores you enjoy doing."}

{"en":"iChore offers a wide range of chores from cleaning, laundry and ironing, cooking, dishwasher, driving, yard work, moving and packing boxes, car wash, gardening, pet walker, pet sitting/ vet visits, Gift shopping and wrapping, party/ event helper, shopping and Christmas or Event Decoration. Once you pick a chore, iChore will connect you with a Chorer."}

{"en":"On the iChore app, when you are registered as a Customer, you can book any chore from our list of chores. Follow this process below: a. Sign up and book a Chore, include the time and how many hours you will for the chore. b. Confirm your payment, and you will get a confirmation that your order has been received. c. Chorer in your location will get notified and then accept the chore. d. You will be notified when the Chorer has accepted and on their way. e. When the Chorer arrives, you will start the chore and when the Chorer completes the chore then you end it. Always remember to end the chore otherwise you will be charged for the chore as long as it is still running. f. After the chore is completed, you end the chore on the app and give a review."}

{"en":"iChore is available in the United States of America and Canada. You can check the iChore app to see if it is available in your country. iChore will continue to expand its coverage, so if it's not currently available in your country, it may be in the future, so please check again later."}

{"en":"The cost of hiring a Chorer through the iChore app depends on various factors such as the type of chore and its duration. iChore sets their own rates, and you can review these rates on iChore app."}

{"en":"iChore uses a secure payment system to handle transactions. When you register and agree on the terms, you'll be prompted to provide payment information. Do not pay cash or attempt to pay the Chorer out of the iChore app if you do your account will be suspended."}

{"en":"In the rare event that an issue arises during a chore, iChore provides a support system to help resolve disputes. You can contact iChore customer support to report any problems or concerns."}

{"en":"Yes, if you enjoy doing chores, you can download the iChore-Chorer app. The iChore-Chorer app does a background check on each Chorer and only Chorers with clean background check is allowed to become a chorer. You can find more information on the iChore app about becoming a Chorer and the requirements involved."}

{"en":"iChore prioritizes safety and security. Before a Chorer is allowed to perform a Chorer on our app, we make them complete a thorough background test screening. We also monitor user activities. iChore also offers a review and rating system to promote accountability. However, it's essential to exercise caution when interacting with Chorers or sharing personal information."}

{"en":"If a Customer cancels a chore. Customer will be charged a cancellation fee unless the Customer reschedules the chore."}